SONICWALL TZ400 Hardware Only

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SONICWALL TZ400 Hardware Only

The SonicWall TZ series of next generation firewalls (NGFW) is ideally suited for any organization that requires enterprise-grade network protection.



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SONICWALL TZ400 Hardware Only

  • Keep your network safe from sophisticated modern threats with highly effective anti-malware, intrusion prevention and proven security architecture
  • Attain a higher level of security with deep packet inspection on all traffic – including encrypted SSL connections
  • Deploy a complete WLAN security solution combining the integrated wireless controller on SonicWall TZ appliances with SonicPoint 802.11ac wireless access points
  • Unleash the potential of your mobile workforce with highly secure SSL VPN remote access
  • Increase workplace productivity and reduce legal liability by filtering multiple categories of objectionable web content
  • Drive down TCO by simplifying deployment and ongoing management, with easy, user-friendly GUI

The SonicWall TZ series of next generation firewalls (NGFW) is ideally suited for any organization that requires enterprise-grade network protection.

SonicWall TZ Series firewalls provide broad protection from compromise by combining advanced security services consisting of on-box and cloud-based anti-malware,anti-spyware,intrusion prevention system (IPS),and content/URL filtering. To counter the trend of encrypted attacks,the SonicWall TZ series has the ability and processing power to inspect SSL connections against the latest threats,providing an even higher level of security. Backed by the SonicWall Global Response Intelligent Defense (GRID) network,the SonicWall TZ series delivers continuous updates to maintain a strong network defense from cybercriminals. With full deep packet inspection operating at performance levels that match broadband connection speeds,the SonicWall TZ series is able to scan every byte of every packet on all ports and protocols with almost zero latency. This eliminates bottlenecks and allows organizations to use security as an enabler,not an inhibitor.

The SonicWall TZ series also features an integrated wireless access controller,1-Gigabit Ethernet ports,and native VPN remote access clients for fast,secure mobile access. The SonicWall Global Management System (GMS) enables deployment and management of SonicWall TZ series firewalls from a single system at the central office.

Product Features

Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine

  • The RFDPI engine provides superior threat protection and application control without compromising performance. This patented engine inspects the traffic stream to detect threats at Layers 3-7. The RFDPI engine takes network streams through extensive and repeated normalization and decryption in order to neutralize advanced evasion techniques that seek to confuse detection engines and sneak malicious code into the network. Once a packet undergoes the necessary preprocessing,including SSL decryption,it is analyzed against a single proprietary memory representation of three signature databases:intrusion attacks,malware and applications. The connection state is then advanced to represent the position of the stream relative to these databases until it encounters a state of attack,or another “match”event,at which point a pre-set action is taken. As malware is identified,the SonicWall firewall terminates the connection before any compromise can be achieved and properly logs the event. However,the engine can also be configured for inspection only or,in the case of application detection,to provide Layer 7 bandwidth management services for the remainder of the application stream as soon as the application is identified.

Extensible architecture for extreme scalability and performance

  • The RFDPI engine is designed from the ground up with an emphasis on providing security scanning at a high performance level,to match both the inherently parallel and ever-growing nature of network traffic. When combined with multi-core processor systems,this parallel-centric software architecture scales up perfectly to address the demands of deep packet inspection at high traffic loads. The SonicWall TZ Series platform relies on processors that,unlike x86,are optimized for packet,crypto and network processing while retaining flexibility and programmability in the field – a weak point for ASICs systems. This flexibility is essential when code and behavior updates are necessary to protect against attacks that require updated and more sophisticated detection techniques.



Product Description SonicWall TZ400 Hardware Only
Device Type Security appliance
Form Factor External
Processor 800 MHz
Ports Qty 7
Data Link Protocol Ethernet,Fast Ethernet,Gigabit Ethernet
Performance Firewall throughput:1.3 Gbps ¦ Full Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) throughput:300 Mbps ¦ Application throughput:900 Mbps ¦ IPS throughput:900 Mbps ¦ Anti-malware throughput:300 Mbps ¦ Firewall throughput (IMIX):500 Mbps ¦ SSL inspection throughput:100 Mbps ¦ VPN throughput:900 Mbps ¦ Connection rate:6000 connections per second
Capacity Virtual interfaces (VLANs):50 ¦ SSL VPN licences:2 (maximum 100) ¦ VPN tunnels (site-to-site):20 ¦ IPSec VPN clients:2 (maximum 25) ¦ SPI connections:100000 ¦ DPI connections:90000 ¦ Authenticated users (internal database):150 ¦ Single Sign-On (SSO) users:500 ¦ Manageable access points:16
VoIP Protocols SIP,H.323 v3,H.323 v4,H.323 v1,H.323 v2,H.323 v5
Power AC 120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 19 cm x 13.4 cm x 3.5 cm
Weight 725 g

Over a 25 year history, SonicWall has been the industry’s trusted security partner. From network security to access security to email security, SonicWall has continuously evolved its product portfolio, enabling organizations to innovate, accelerate and grow. With over a million security devices in almost 200 countries and territories worldwide, SonicWall enables its customers to confidently say yes to the future.
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